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Tappt – Beer / No Beer

So here is a video demonstration of my Tappt system.  Tappt is something I have been working on that consists of beer, Arduino, Android (soon Windows Phone 8), and a web server. The entire project is open source aside from the web server so you can hook up your kegerator to my website once this […]

ImpactJS 2012 Holiday Game

Another ImpactJS game I wrote for our holiday 2012 card. You can play the game on a mobile or tablet device here HERE.

MediaElementJS with Google Analytics Integration

For many of my projects I use MediaElementJS. This is an awesome library for HTML5 video with a fallback to Flash or Silverlight. Anyway, I had a client request to add google analytics for all their videos. I found the following code which adds the events to each player in order to start tracking events. […]

Holiday Fun

Just a quick diversion between company projects at work.  This is our company holiday card.  I used ImpactJS to write it — the library had some compatibility issues here and there with various mobile devices but overall it is a good framework. P.S.  I am back in the land of Appcelerator for the time being […]

Appcelerator Mvc in Marketplace

Hey, I just wanted to get it out there that my Appcelerator Mvc implementation is up in the Appcelerator marketplace. It has some bug fixes and improvements over the original example I gave here. This week I plan on writing the more in-depth tutorial for using the framework so that should give some better examples […]

Appcelerator Mvc : Routing

Now that we have went over the basics of my Appcelerator Mvc implementation, we can move onto more advanced features. For this post I will focus on routing. The post should be fairly short since the routing is fairly straight forward. As I mentioned in the first post on this framework, I borrowed heavily from […]

MVC for Appcelerator

I was recently tasked to create a mobile app at work. Since I had never worked on a mobile app (not counting web-based apps), I started searching for a cross-platform framework. To make a long story short, I settled with Appcelerator. I have run into some issues while working on my app but for the most part […]

AutoMapper in javascript

Just like the title says, I created a small javascript implementation of AutoMapper. Because I am cool like that I am calling it jsAutomapper. This is a very, very basic implementation and only has a few of the functions from the original framework but it is more than sufficient for my needs. I am working […]