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Appcelerator Mvc in Marketplace

Hey, I just wanted to get it out there that my Appcelerator Mvc implementation is up in the Appcelerator marketplace. It has some bug fixes and improvements over the original example I gave here.

This week I plan on writing the more in-depth tutorial for using the framework so that should give some better examples on how to use the framework on a large application.

Appcelerator Mvc : Routing

Now that we have went over the basics of my Appcelerator Mvc implementation, we can move onto more advanced features. For this post I will focus on routing. The post should be fairly short since the routing is fairly straight forward. As I mentioned in the first post on this framework, I borrowed heavily from the routing model used in Asp.Net. Although I don’t implement all the routing principles used in it’s model, I think what I have implemented should be more than enough for any Appcelerator application. Fish On!

MVC for Appcelerator

I was recently tasked to create a mobile app at work. Since I had never worked on a mobile app (not counting web-based apps), I started searching for a cross-platform framework. To make a long story short, I settled with Appcelerator. I have run into some issues while working on my app but for the most part there are simple workarounds. I love working with javascript and I can definitely see the platform is going somewhere. What I didn’t like is how easy it is to make bad javascript and end up with very large files. This was a problem that I could solve myself.

I searched around the internet and found a few solutions. Some people were using PureMvc or similar frameworks. I read through the documentation and the frameworks were either too complex for my needs or may have felt out of place when used with Appcelerator. I did find something close to what I wanted by Scott Montgomerie. My issues with his implementation was that you constantly have to deal with the current window context and you are coupling your views with your controllers. I also like to stay away from the ‘new’ keyword when working with javascript. In addition I wanted routing as I am used to the MVC style of Asp.Net MVC (may be overkill but it was nice to have). It’s what I know and I love it :). Keep reading

AutoMapper in javascript

Just like the title says, I created a small javascript implementation of AutoMapper. Because I am cool like that I am calling it jsAutomapper. This is a very, very basic implementation and only has a few of the functions from the original framework but it is more than sufficient for my needs. I am working in Appcelerator and I implemented a MVC framework to clean up my code. Because of this I needed an easy way to convert between objects stored in the database and my view models. The benefit of using this implementation is it also forms a contract between your models and view models. The current implementation only supports basic object mappings. If anyone shows interest or I need it for my current project, I will implement mappings for complex objects. Keep reading

C# SortedBucketList

So I searched the internets for a while looking for a sorted list that could have multiple entries per key. I didn’t find one. Here is my go at it. This is not optimized and will be pretty memory heavy. I was just looking for speed. I could have used a different internal collection instead of the sorted list but I was using .Net 3.5 and I didn’t feel like rolling my own. Keep reading

PushButton Engine Basics

So I am starting to use the PushButton Engine at work and right now I am just learning the architecture in order to teach the rest of the flash developers here how to use it. So far it seems like a great engine it is definitely lacking in ‘guided’ documentation on how to get up to speed. Most of the examples/documentation is there you just need to find it across the PushButton website, Google Code Wiki, PushButton API, PushButton forums, and searching through other blog posts. I will try to include all the resources here so that it is easier for others who are new to the engine to start and help you not avoid the same mistakes I Made. Keep reading

Simple jQuery + MVC Plugin

So I needed to create markup via javascript and json which could be easily picked up by MVC’s default model binder. This plugin takes in json and changes its structure so non-array nodes are changed to have value, id, and name members. I ended up not using json but I could see that I may use it in the future. Anyway, here is the plugin.