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Tappt – Beer / No Beer

So here is a video demonstration of my Tappt system.  Tappt is something I have been working on that consists of beer, Arduino, Android (soon Windows Phone 8), and a web server. The entire project is open source aside from the web server so you can hook up your kegerator to my website once this […]

C# SortedBucketList

So I searched the internets for a while looking for a sorted list that could have multiple entries per key. I didn’t find one. Here is my go at it. This is not optimized and will be pretty memory heavy. I was just looking for speed. I could have used a different internal collection instead […]

Simple jQuery + MVC Plugin

So I needed to create markup via javascript and json which could be easily picked up by MVC’s default model binder. This plugin takes in json and changes its structure so non-array nodes are changed to have value, id, and name members. I ended up not using json but I could see that I may […]